5 Reasons Real Estate firms need Drones for Marketing

5 Reasons Real Estate firms need Drones for Marketing

Aerial photoshoots have become more popular with the increasing demand for drones and quadcopters that can capture stunning visuals from a certain permissible height and angle.

Why Drones?

Drones, which were once considered as remote-controlled toys for adults, have now emerged as an advanced technology in unmanned aerial photography. Drones can be manufactured with inbuilt or onboard can be remotely controlled to set the right angle, focus and target. Drones can be automatically adjusted and stabilized based on the environmental conditions, as well as perform some unmanned functions.

Advantages of Drone Photography and Videography

Right off the bat, we noticed that the “advantages of drone photography” is equal to the “advantages of video marketing” multiplied by ten. The stunning and marvelous video content that can be created using drones has the ability to create a much bigger impact on your potential customers when compared to what a normal graphical content can do.

We’ve listed out 5 top reasons why your business needs drone photography and videography much more than ever!

  1. Affordable and Inexpensive: Yes, you don’t have to rent a helicopter (read, helicopter cum pilot) to capture those stunning visuals of your property or a location or an event. Then comes the time and energy you need to spend on gathering permits for your aerial shooting. Drones relieve you from all the stress by making aerial photography and videography less expensive and hassle-free.
  2. Less Costs. Better ROI: One good, professional session of drone photography and videography gives you enough shots for a year-long marketing campaign. Collaborating with an aerial photoshoot service provider allows you to provide real-time guidance to capture all of your footage in a single session. This means you spend way less money and gain more returns on your investments.
  3. No compromise on quality: Drones with cameras onboard are able to produce full-HD and high resolution shots without compromising on quality. Simply swap the cameras that you would like to use according to the requirement and operate the drone as needed.
  4. Drones are Flexible and Adaptable: Advanced drones can perform a multitude of tasks that include auto-focus, auto-stabilisation, 360-degree recording and panorama view among others. Moreover, drones can travel to places that are not accessible by humans to take pictures from unique angles.
  5. Multiple Industrial Applications: Drone photography and videography finds its use in a variety of industries that include, but are not limited to, real estate and construction sectors. In real estate, drone videos and photos can be utilized to sell the property by showcasing the desirability of the neighbourhood and surrounding areas.

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