Video Production & Marketing – An Essential For All Businesses

Marketers have found the last piece of a successful marketing jigsaw puzzle: it’s video marketing! The ever-changing business scene needs effective marketing efforts to win and retain customers. You need interesting ways to make your product or service appealing to the target audience. Video marketing, though not a new concept, is still extremely powerful and engaging to grab the attention of the masses in just a few seconds.

Why do businesses need videos?

Millennials seek quick information. They are constantly racing against the clock. They want to do more in less time. This is where a power-packed video can kick in and yield the right results for marketers. Spending 1-2 minutes on a video is preferred than reading text that could take 10-15 minutes. As videos focus on key messages, they give valuable information in less time. And, who wouldn’t like it?

Now, let’s try and understand how video production and marketing has completely transformed businesses for the better.

  • Given that the right call to action messages are included in a video, it can influence consumer behavior tremendously. Information rich content, with a message to make the most of the product or service demonstrated in the video, can play a vital role in increasing the revenues of a business
  • Every marketing tactic that a business adopts, centers around Return on Investment (ROI). And, videos make an excellent investment. Producing and marketing a video won’t really cost a fortune. But, if timed appropriately and marketed well, then a video can bring remarkable returns for the investment made on them.
  • Studies reveal that emails that have videos in them have an impressive click-through rate, which is almost 2-3 times higher than text emails. Companies who are having a tough time achieving success through their email marketing efforts can bring in some engaging videos to their email marketing campaigns and measure the difference.
  • There is no denying that Google and other search engines simply love videos. They seek content that is useful for the viewers. The more engaging your video is, the better are your chances of improving your visibility on the web. In fact, videos get much higher priority on search engines than images, text and audio files. So, when you add more videos to your website, you take a big step towards improving your site’s rank on the search engines.
  • Videos are for everyone. While desktop users do spend a considerable amount of time on watching videos, mobile users aren’t lagging too far behind. With a compelling video, you up your chances of creating content that has a greater tendency to go viral. Thus, when used efficiently, videos can help you tap the mobile audience with a stronger presence on social media sites.

There you have it: some amazing benefits of video marketing for businesses.

To sum it up, videos have become a necessity these days. But, they have to be creative enough to get the attention they seek. And, there is no limit to creativity. From simple how-to videos to explainer videos, there is a lot that you can do to promote your product or service offerings. The more creative and meaningful your business videos are, the higher are your chances of reaping the many benefits that video marketing brings for the businesses today.


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