Short Film

How many hours a day would you spend on your mobile phone?How important is smart phone technology in your life? What role does it play influencing your relationships?this film tried to address above questions in its own way.

Lonely Leo,who is in love with his colleague "Vaidehi" and also a phone addict ends up buying a hi-tech smart phone "Vitamin SHE" after an accidental damage of his old phone.The phone's voice assistant "Laila" gets access to Leo's past,present and other sensitive data on a reckless acceptance of user agreement.How "Laila" has changed his life and relationships is the plot.

The crew made a realistic attempt in the lockdown to deliver a message with suitable performances,well thought dialogues and apt music.There are very few technical glitches.Some scenes although appear lengthy but that level of screen time was important to deliver the key message on how technology is enslaving humans in the hi-tech digital era.

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